Stem Fittings

Not a lot of folks are familiar with stem fittings but they rank as one of the most versatile ...and usefu fittings around. Stem fittings can turn any fitting into a swivel joint, avoiding the need for elbows, crimped or stressed tubing where leaks form, or cluttered installations. We love swivel connectors because they they allow us to position the tubing without tightening/loosening the fitting to correctly position the tube. We use straight connectors with stem elbows for all RO membrane housing connections and inlet/outlet connections. To use, simply push the stem fitting into any existing quick connect fitting., that’s it! The stem is the same diameter as the OD of LLDPE tubing typically inserted in the fitting. Because stems are rigid, they form a tighter fitting seal. We have a broad selection of stem fittings on Jett Water Systems website. Try them out. You will be impressed. If you have any questions, are looking for bulk discounts, or just want to discuss, contact us.

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