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The Jett Water Systems REJUV H2 Tankless Water Delivery System is designed to deliver 600 GPD of mineral rich water, containing 0.9-1.6 ppm molecular hydrogen, and pH of 8.5-9.5. The system is designed for intermittent or continuous use, and is suitable for small commercial operations as well as homeowners who desire a tankless system. REJUV H2 tankless is built for durability and exceptional performance. We manufacture all our systems from the highest quality components, backed by a 90 day return policy, and full 5 year guarantee. 

Hydrogen Water Generator-500 GPD 9 Stage Alkaline RO System

Quantum Disinfection Filter
  • The unit was designed, and extensively tested, to provide mineral rich hydrogen drinking water at moderate pH. Read on for the extensive list of standard features and options available for this system. 

    • Great tasting water, when you want it, at a rated delivery rate of 500 gallons per day. (Actual production will vary dependent on feed water quality, pressure, and temperature).
    • 0.9-1.6 ppm molecular hydrogen and an ORP of -500-600 mV
    • The system requires no storage tank, water on demand!
    • The system comes standard with a 500 GPD Filmtec TW30-3012-500 and Filmtec TW30-1812-100 membranes, Aquatec DDP 5800 booster pump with high pressure switch, and Aquatec electronic shut off valve. As a result, permeate recovery rates as high as 50% are achievable. (Note: The system requires 115VAC for operation).
    • John Guest and Mur-Lok premium fittings for leak free operation and antimicrobial tubing to inhibit bacteria, biofilm, yeast, and mold formation.
    • A premium contemporary ceramic disc faucet, in brushed nickel finish, is included for years of problem free water delivery.
    • 9 filtration stages!
    • Stage 1- 5 micron Pentair P5 spun polypropylene polydepth sediment depth filter for removal of suspended solids.
    • Stage 2 - 1 micron Matrikx CTO Plus, coconut shell catalytic carbon block filter for removal of Chlorine, chloramines, taste, odors, VOCs, THMs, pesticides, herbicides, organics, and heavy metals. 
    • Stage 3-0.0001 micron Filmtec TW-30-3012-500 Thin Film Composite Reverse Osmosis membrane filtration for removal of 98%+ of all dissolved water contaminants, including microorganisms, heavy metals, radionuclides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), flouride, salts, and much more. 
    • Stage 4 -Filtration through a UltraPure IEX Ultra Pure Water Grade mixed bed ion exchange resin. Mixed bed ion exchange eliminates highTDS common at startup, improving water quality and taste. Water quality after UltraPure IEX exceeds 14 mOhm-cm (0 ppm TDS), or 99.9%+ water purity.
    • Stage 5-8 - Filtration through dual REJUV H2 propriety 4 stage  remineralization cartridges containing a formulated blend featuring EcoSafe Certified Fossilized Sea Coral, 99.9%+ purity magnesium, and natural alkaline stones. Sea Coral contains 24% Calcium, 12% magnesium, and over 70 trace minerals, and is the most highly absorbed form of Calcium. Our propriety blend accelerates dissolution of the formulation, resulting in a wonderfully refreshing tasting water, with just the right level of healthy minerals, a moderately alkaline pH (8.5-9.5), and 0.9-1.6 ppm of molecular hydrogen.
    • Stage 9 - Final polishing through a 1 micron Ominpure high capacity granulated coconut carbon filter. Omnipure filters have tremendous adsorption capacity for organics, with an iodine valve of 1050 mg/gm
    • Stage 9A (optional)- Quantum Disinfection Antimicrobial Filter. Quantum Disinfection™ is a catalyst: disinfects the water with its activated surfaces, no power, no chemicals, no maintenance. Quantum Disinfection™ is a new phenomenon: attracts electrons from microorganisms causing their entire structure to collapse. Quantum Disinfection™ kills the microorganisms instantly: there is no contact time required, there are no traces of microorganisms. Achieve 6 log reduction (1,000,000x reduction).
    • 3/8" female NPT x 3/8" male NPT x 3/8" push to connect John Guest angle stop valve for leak free water supply connection.
    • 1/4" push to connect x 1.5" Drain saddle for concentrate water.
    • Filter wrenches for 10" filter housing and RO membrane housings.
    • 10' premium Mur-Lok  1/4" LLDPE tubing (black).
    • 15' x 3/8"  Mur-Lok antimicrobial tubing with Biosafe. 
    • Tubing cutter
    • 0.25 oz packet of Sani-System RO Sanitizer
    • 1 roll teflon tape
    • HM Digital TDS meter
    • Easy to read installation/operating instructions.

    NOTE:  Water production rate will vary -15%/+25%, based on feed water chemistry, pressure, and temperature.