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The Jett Water Systems 75 GPD Saltwater/Reef Aquarium 4 Stage RO system is designed for the unique needs of saltwater and reef aquarium enthusiasts. The system  is built for durability and exceptional performance. We manufacture all our systems from the highest quality components, backed by a 90 day return policy, and full 5 year guarantee. 

75 GPD 4 Stage RO System for Aquariums

Water Connection
TDS Monitor
Float Valve
  • The unit was designed, and extensively tested, to provide optimal feedwater conditions for saltwater and reef aquarium enthusiasts. Read on for the extensive list of standard features and options available for this system. 

    • 75 gpd Dow Filmtec BW60-1812-75 Thin Film Composite RO membrane (#1 Selling Membrane in the World!).
    • Premium John Guest and Mur-Lok fittings for leak free operation.
    • Our system provides 4 Stages of filtration.
    • Stage 1- 5 micron Pentair P-5-934 polydepth spun polypropylene sediment depth filter for removal of particulates, dirt, and rust.
    • Stage 2 - 5 micron KX Matrikx coconut carbon block filtration for removal of organics, chlorine, VOCs, and heavy metals.
    • Stage 3 -0.001 micron Filmtec BW60-1812-75 high rejection reverse osmosis membrane. Reverse Osmosis removes 99%+ of all dissolved water contaminants including microorganisms, organic molecules, heavy metals, fluouride, radionuclides, salts, and much more.
    • Stage 4 - Filtration through a 2.5"x10" filter cartridge containing UltraPure water grade mixed bed ion exchange resin with indicator dye. UltraPure IEX removes virtually all remaining contaminants, resulting in 0 TDS water with a resistivity approaching 18 MOhm-cm water resistivity, the highest purity water without distillation.
    • Included in our package are,
    • Dual channel TDS monitor (optional)
    • Faucet diverter valve, angle stop valve, or hose bib connector for water supply hookup
    • Mini float valve (optional)
    • Drain saddle for brine water
    • Combo filter wrench (for 10" filter housings and RO membrane housing)
    • Mur-lok 1/4" LLDPE tubing (10' each Black, Red, and Blue)
    • Easy to read installation instructions.