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Aquatec autoflush flow restrictor automatically cleans the RO membrane for 15 sec at startup and again each hour of continuous operation. Improves membrane performance and extends membrane life.

Aquatec Autoflush Flow Restrictor (1/4" JG connectors)

Flow Restrictor (mL/min)
  • Aquatec’s AFR Series Automatic Membrane Flush Flow Restrictor Timers are engineered to maximize system efficiency and prolong membrane life. These components utilize a normally closed solenoid valve which automatically “power flushes” the membrane upon start-up and then subsequently for 15-20 seconds every hour.

    This turbulent water action removes organic and inorganic contaminants from the membrane surface. Any standing, idle water in the membrane module is automatically purged to the drain. Virtually all system manufacturers recommend that their membranes be flushed regularly to insure proper performance and extended membrane life.

    The AFR Series Auto Flush Flow Restrictors perform this process seamlessly and automatically. The AFR Series also include a modular connector for plug-and-play integration with Aquatec’s other system components.

    Choose the Aquatec Auto Flush Flow Retrictor that meets your RO system water production rate.

    • 300 mL/min - 35 GPD
    • 400 mL/min - 50 GDP
    • 500 mL/min - 75 GPD
    • 600 mL/min - 75 GPD
    • 700 mL/min - 100 GPD
    • 800 mL/min - 100 & 150 GPD

    Installation Note: Aquatec 8800 Pressure Switch & Aquatec 8800 Power Supply required for operation.

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