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Dual twist off cartridge 5 stage alkaline, antioxidant, water filter with 0.5-1 ppm molecular hydrogen.

Dual Stage Countertop Alkaline Antioxidant Water Filter - Twist Out Cartridge

Diverter Adaptor Kit
  • Countertop dual twist off cartridge 5 stage alkaline, antioxidant, water filtration system with 0.5-1 ppm molecular hydrogen. Our proprietary REJUV H2 filter contains,

    • 99.9% pure elemental magnesium
    • ceramic ORP stones
    • natural alkaline stones
    • tourmaline stones
    • converts your tap water into alkaline (pH 8.5-9.5), antioxidant water (ORP  -400 to -600 mV), rich in molecular hydrogen (0.5-1 ppm).
    • We offer the only filter on the market producing molecular hydrogen, the only natural antioxidant in nature able to reduce oxidative stress at the cellular level.
    • The filtration system includes,
    • Food grade,  polypropylene 12" x 3" twist off filter cartridges
    • Polypropylene base unit with integral heads
    • 1/4" push to connect swivel fitting for water supply
    • 180 degree swivel faucet and faucet adaptor
    • Premium Matrikx 5 micron coconut shell carbon block filter
    • 3" x 12" REJUV H2 twist off filter containing a proprietary blend of 99.9% pure Magnesium, ceramic ORP stones, natural alkaline stones, and Tourmaline stones.
    • 22 mm sink diverter valve
    • 6' of 1/4" Mur-Lok antimicrobial tubing
    • Unit assembles in minutes.
    • A diverter valve adaptor kit is available for a small upcharge at checkout
    • Replace every 2500 gallons